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We are one of a handful of companies that has been authorized by Mountain Goat Software to provide training classes based on Mike Cohn's books and training materials.

Mountain Goat Software | Planning Poker Cards Mountain Goat Software offers Planning Poker® cards for your use in estimating. Each deck contains enough cards for four estimators to each hold cards with ... Planning Poker This free online scrum tool encourages collaboration and planning for distributed agile ... Mike Cohn, Founding Member and Owner of Mountain Goat Software. - Agile Planning Poker® built with Firebase and AngularJS Planning poker®, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based technique for estimating, ... In planning poker, members of the group make estimates by playing ... Planning Poker® is a registered trademark of Mountain Goat Software, LLC.

Why is there a Zero in the Planning Poker deck? How can I get Planning Poker cards? When should we engage in Planning Poker? Can I produce my own Planning Poker cards and what is the cost? What is Planning Poker? Does Planning Poker work? Why do Planning Poker cards deviate slightly from the Fibonacci sequence?

Planning Poker - Mountain Goat Software Planning Poker® is a consensus-based estimating technique. Agile teams around the world use Planning Poker to estimate their product backlogs. Planning ...

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PlanITpoker is a cool on-line planning poker app that helps Agile project teams estimate projects easily. With a one click signup and always free, Try it today!

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Agile ToolboX Support for agile planning, planning poker, daily standups or retrospectives sessions. Launch Agile Toolbox FOR FREE! Cards Different card sets for backlog grooming, planning, team estimation or retrospectives. Blog Topics Mike Cohn provides certified scrummaster training and agile training in order to build extremely high performance development organizations. Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners